Florida Library Access - Pass for Accelerated Secondary Students

The FLA-PASS program provides Florida's public high school students in accelerated educational tracks access to a subset of online resources used within Florida’s State University and College systems. Access to FLA-PASS requires that your high school administration has registered you and so you can be provided a username and password. If you are not registered but think you should be, go to the FAQ page for further information.

General Topics and Reference

General full-text databases are a good place to start any research, with immediate online access to complete articles on a wide variety of subjects. Newspapers articles are also available to research current topics. Reference databases are collections that provide quick, concise information or refer you to other resources.

Humanities and Social Science

Databases that focus on society and culture. Each database addresses a specific topic of study such as art, law, and history. These databases offer in-depth coverage of specific subjects and are great resources for focused research.

Science, Technology and Medicine

Some science and technology databases concentrate on particular fields such as engineering or agriculture while others cover a broad range of scientific subject matter. The medicine and health databases cover topics such as medical research, nursing, and physical therapy.


In-depth coverage of various aspects of today’s business world. Beyond articles, these databases provide features such as product information, market analysis and reports, and investment tools.